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Dogs and cats are naturally clean animals. It may not seem that way when your dog is out rolling in the mud (or something worse!), but they have an innate ability to keep clean themselves. For instance, when your dog sheds, they are continually renewing their fur (Like a change of clothes for us), it’s just unfortunate that the loose hairs end up everywhere: on your clothes, the sofa, the car seats, in the refrigerator…But even at their very best, it’s still important to give your pet a boost, cleaning their fur regularly, keeping it well-managed and without tangles, and keeping the insides of their ears clean. When you brush your dog’s coat, you not only help keep their coat healthy and remove the old loose hairs beneath, but you can also check for fleas and ticks that possibly lurk beneath the surface (It’s that time of year again!).

All dogs have different coats. For instance, matting occurs seldom-if-ever in the coat of a Labrador retriever, but an English Setter or Shiatsu requires regular maintenance to keep their coat tangle-free; conversely, a Labrador Retriever has a considerable undercoat which requires regular maintenance.

When you brush your dog’s fur, brush it as you would brush your own hair. Don’t run the brush or comb against the hair, but in long smooth strokes with it. Tangles and mats can form when you brush your dog’s hair incorrectly, and it could cause the dog considerable discomfort and cause anxiety in the moments in the future when you groom them.

Your groomer at Groomindale’s can help your dog clean up and look their very best. But when you groom them at home, it’s important to teach your dog the importance of regular grooming habits. That means that you should try to teach your dog to stay calm while you bathe or brush them. Manners and obedience are important, especially when you consider that regular grooming is something you do weekly, if not more often.

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your pet’s next grooming session, then call your dog grooming professional at Groomindale’s today.