Running with Your Dog

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Running with your dog is fun and it helps to keep both of you in shape. Having a dog as a running partner can help to keep you motivated. Like their human owners, dogs benefit greatly from cardiovascular exercise. There are a few tips and tricks to being able to run with your dog, and it begins with solid obedience. Your dog needs to understand the leash and be able to respond to simple cues. If your dog doesn’t understand the heel command it’s a good place to start. When you run you often approach curbs and intersections much quicker than when you’re out on a walk, and a dog who doesn’t understand how to remain by your side and stop when you stop could step off the curb and into trouble.

It’s also important that both you and the dog have good communication and understanding when walking on a leash. When a dog goes on a run, they get excited and this excitement can quickly evolve into hyperactivity. A hyperactive dog who doesn’t listen can make the run unenjoyable and frustrating. And, when we talk about walking first, it’s also important to take it slow at first. Your dog might appear to be a tremendous athlete, ready for as many and more miles than you can put on, but they need to take things slowly. Build up mileage and speed gradually.

Also, be aware of the weather. Dogs don’t handle heat and humidity as well as their human owners. If you’re out running when it’s warm and your dog begins to pant excessively or appears sluggish, they need to be cooled down immediately. They need water to drink, and pour water on their ears to lower their body temp.

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