A Tired Dog is A Happy Dog

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There’s an adage that says that a tired dog is a happy dog. It’s an adage because it’s true. Dogs need to be stimulated, both mentally and physically. Dogs that are left to their own devices within a kennel or within the home may overtime develop destructive behaviors—but even if they don’t, we want our dog’s happy, don’t we? Here are a few signs, some obvious others less so, that our dogs are need of a lifestyle change.

There’s the obvious destructive behaviors like chewing and digging, tearing up your favorite sneakers then waiting by the door for you to get home to show you. And show you they did! In the same category is digging—although not all digging is a sign of destructive, bored behavior (Do you know where it was he or she put that favorite chew toy?).

Less obvious signs are tail chasing. Yes, dogs chase their tail for a variety of reasons, but they may also be doing it just for something to do. They’re trying to amuse themselves, and, while its cute, it might be a sign that they need to get outside for a run, or play with you instead. Barking is a sign of many different behavior sin a dog, but excessive barking, barking without cause, can often be a sign that a dog is trying to communicate something to you. Your dog could also be biting you in addition to barking—allowing a dog to bite is wrong for so many reasons, and even the most innocent playful nips can be a sign that a dog needs something (although you better teach a biting dog that he or she is not allowed to communicate by biting).

Dogs could do other things to get your attention. These things could seem normal, like licking, or chewing on their chew toy. A dog with a chew toy is often a happy dog, but a dog who chews at a chew toy relentlessly for hours and hours on end needs something else to do. Also, dogs can become overly listless, tired seeming (don’t panic about tired dogs, because dogs sleep an inordinate number of hours compared to you) but a dog that seems tired overly so, may be a bored dog.

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