It’s like a salon for people, but for dogs… AND CATS!!

If you’re looking for a quality Billings dog daycare, check out our facility! At Groomingdale’s Salon & Paw-tique we offer the best quality service in an enjoyable, relaxed, safe, clean, and spa-like atmosphere. Our certified groomers offer the total spa experience for your dogs and make them feel very comfortable with 3 unique and different rooms. Our salon and retail area are very open and spacious. The doggy waiting area features entertainment, such as tv, music, and aromatherapy upon request and our brusher and bathing area includes three professional-grade bathing tubs where we pamper your loved one. So come spoil your dog at an affordable doggy day spa!


On average we like to have the dogs for around four hours. This allows drop off before work and pick up at lunchtime or 8-12, 1-5. This ensures that your pet does not have to stand the entire time, great for seniors and puppies. For thick double-coated breeds they don’t have to stand for hours of drying; especially nice for dogs that are afraid of dryers. For curly coats that need to be straight and fluffy to ensure an even hair cut, can rest before finish grooming.

We also strongly suggest that the owner does not stay with their pet. We need to have the dog trust us and if they become afraid they will want mom/ dad/owner to save them. We also need them to pay attention to the groomer at times to scissor the head it makes it difficult if they try to look at the owner. If you want to watch us groom someone’s pet you are more than welcome to hang out for a while at the shop.

Rare cases: Start to Finish

For an extra charge, we will allow an owner to stay, this must be discussed when the appointment is made.

Our Team

Stacey Hess, NCMG

High School worked for a groomer helping D.I.Y clients, eventually a brusher bather.
E.R. Vet Assistant, mostly kennel attendant, but did learn some very important things from E.R. cases.
Aug-Oct ’07 Loveland, CO grooming school. It was great to already have experience handling dogs. I was able to learn more about clipper work and how to make things look finished with an eye for detail. Oct’07-Aug’11 I was able to work with an experienced groomer who helped me develop my grooming skills. Tricks to help a dog be more comfortable and make it faster. To understand how to apply the owner’s directions to the grooming process to ensure a happy client. Much more priceless information.
August 15, 2011, Groomingdale’s Salon and Paw-tique OPENS I have grown up with many pets, and I was blessed to have Corgi cross live to be almost 17 years old. I understand geriatric pets, arthritis, and other health conditions.

Personal Pets:

Shanti, Standard Poodle
Stella, Beagle
Norman, English Cocker Spaniel

Russell, Brussels Griffon

Josie & Gertie, English Toy Spaniels

Annabelle Perkins

Stats: Grooming industry since 2007, Pet stylist since 2011, National Certified Groomer, non-sporting, sporting, and terriers.

Bio: Annabelle has been with us since the beginning! She gets credit for our name and poodle logo. She loves learning, she pushes herself to be up-to-date on trends and information to help your pet. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful person on our team.

Personal Pets:

Pistol, Miniature Poodle

Willow, Blue Tick Coonhound

Astro & Aurora, Dalmatians


Stats: Has been with Groomingdale’s since 2013 on and off. They have done it all, bathing, daycare, and now receptionist.

Bio: I have always had a passion for animals and their care. Growing up I did 4H and that is really what started my love for knowledge in the animal world. I have also done my fair share of volunteering at various animal shelters, a few in Oregon, and local YVAS. In the last couple of years, I have grown a passion for AKC Confirmation showing and other AKC dog sports.

Personal Pets:

Quentin “Q”, Dalmatian

Call us at 406.969.1537 to make an appointment or go to log in and request an appointment time!