The Importance of Regular Grooming for Both Dogs and Cats

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Sometimes, to some, it may feel like an absolutely unnecessary luxury to take a pet to a professional groomer. But an animal’s coat should be cleaned, and his or her nails should be trimmed, regularly. And oftentimes Groomingdale’s is the best place to take your pet to ensure that his or her coat is clean, bug-free, and shining and healthy-looking. Your pet doesn’t know the best time to have himself/herself groomed, so you may not know when it’s necessary to do it. If you’re at home, and you plan to brush your pet’s fur regularly, then consider the schedule of once-weekly brushings. Stick to the schedule, and do it at a regular time on a regular day so that both you and your pet become accustomed to the once-weekly event. You should also perform the brushing in the same place, and the regularity of the place will only enhance your pet’s comfort level. When you brush your pet at home make sure to check his or her ears for dirt or general uncleanliness, and also check his or her eyes to make sure that there’s no debris—grass can lodge itself beneath the eye lid. 

Grooming needs to become a regular habit. If you intend to groom a dog, he or she should know the expectations you have for him or her while you brush and clean them. It’s best for a dog to remain under control, and the basic commands such as sit and stay should be adequate to keep the dog near you and comfortable with his or her position. Grooming should be both a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your pet, but if he or she appears timid, afraid, or uncomfortable then remember to praise him or her, provide treats when absolutely necessary, etc. 

When your pet comes to be cleaned, trimmed, primped, etc., by the experienced, professional groomers at Groomindale’s, he or she may leave feeling as if the treatment they received was absolutely luxurious. And if you have any questions about grooming, or would like to bring in your pet for his or her next/first appointment, then call Groomindale’s today.