Grooming is a Necessity

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Grooming is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. Your pet is able to keep themselves reasonably clean, and most dogs and cats by nature are incredibly clean animals. But it’s still important to help your pet clean their coat and within their ears frequently. If you are wondering where to begin in the process to groom your pet then here are a few tips to get you started.

Brushing is an activity that you should do with your pet regularly. It’s essential because it will help to clean the coat, ridding it of loose hairs (Which, depending on the breed, may be numerous), cleaning out the grass and possible debris, even the unfortunate critters that may attempt to make a home within the warmth of your pet’s fur. Most dogs will benefit from a once-weekly session, although more frequent brushing could be required in heavy shedding seasons or after activity. Long coat breeds may even benefit from more frequent brushings, because without regular maintenance these types of coats can tangle and mat.

Brushing also increases the bond between pet and owner. Grooming is time spent together, although if your pet isn’t accustomed to the brush or to having to sit or stand still for periods of time, then it’s important that you increase understanding through obedience, and remain patient. Obedience is the tool that makes grooming easy and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Your pet’s nails will also continue to grow, and it’s essential that you trim them (If you are unsure or don’t feel comfortable trimming your pet’s nails, your experienced groomer at Groomingdale’s is ready to get your pet’s nails trimmed and looking good). Nail trimmers are easy to use, although it can be difficult to trim your pet’s nails if they are either unaccustomed to the activity or if they are limited by a lack of obedience).

There are other grooming activities such as bathing that you will likely either need to do at home or rely on the experience of your professional groomer at Groomindale’s to perform. If you have any questions about how Groomindale’s can help keep your pet looking terrific and healthy, then call today.