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In most cases, a dog who is well-socialized, and understands how to behave around both people and other animals, is a happier dog, and a dog who is much easier to spend time around. And socialization occurs very early in a dog’s life.

When the dog is a puppy, he or she is learning how to behave, and that formative time, both the positive and the negative situations that arise will translate to the rest of his or her life; it will shape how he or she sees themselves and their place among others in this world.

One of the complications of early socialization is that puppies do require a short time of quarantine before they are ready to take on the world; a puppy requires numerous vaccinations from diseases and illnesses that are highly contagious and dangerous.

That’s why it’s probably a good idea to refrain from dog parks and other public establishments before a puppy has been vaccinated.

One method to keep your puppy well-socialized, but also safe, is to bring others around the house to visit him/her. You can ask friends to come over and play with your puppy, introducing him or her to new faces.

You can ask friends with dogs who you know are properly vaccinated to come and visit, and introduce them to the puppy. The better socialized your puppy becomes the less risk you have of behavioral disorders related to improper socialization.

And when your puppy has all of his or her vaccinations, you should begin to bring him to the groomers at a young age, because the better he or she understands that environment, and the hours he or she will be required to spend away from you, while getting a bath, or having his or her coat and nails trimmed, the less stress both you and your puppy will feel.

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