Keep your Cat’s Coat Looking Vibrant

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Anyone who owns a cat knows that cats spend considerable time every day to grooming habits. And you would think that all those hours a cat spends grooming would amount to a clean and healthy coat, right?

Not really. And the difficulty in grooming a cat comes not in the task itself—brushing, nail trimming, etc.—but usually because a cat likely dislikes most types of grooming. There are few, very few, cats who would ever enjoy taking a bath. And that’s why you have Groomingdale’s for your cat’s major grooming needs. But if it’s time for the cat to go to the Groomer’s, or, between grooming visits, you would like to keep your kitty clean and healthy, here are a few tips.

Cats require basic nail care. The longer the nail grows, the longer the quick grows. And when the quick has grown too far, it can be troublesome to keep a cat’s nails trimmed to a healthy and manageable state. A cat’s quick will recede as long as his or her nails are trimmed regularly. Most cats require a nail trim every month, but the actual span of time may differ depending on your cat’s needs.  

Once weekly, a cat owner should try to brush out his or her cat’s fur. If a cat has long hair then he or she may need to be brushed more frequently. Run the brush everywhere to rid the cat of loose hairs and matted clumps. But the brush will also help remove dirt and debris, etc. And check the cat’s ears and eyes for signs of dirt and other symptoms such as redness, discharge, swelling, odor, caked-on wax, etc.

And for all your cat’s grooming needs you also have Groomingdale’s. The professionals at Groomingdale’s can safely clean and pamper your kitty and keep him or her looking vibrant. If you have any questions about grooming services, or would like to schedule your next appointment with your professional groomer, then call Groomingdale’s today.