Friendships Between Kids and Pets

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Kids and pets are usually an excellent combination. For many pets, an energetic and responsible kiddo as a friend is a special relationship (There are exceptions, of course, but more on that in a bit). And for a kiddo the relationship (Again, exceptions) can be one of the most formative of his or her young life. There are, however, several behaviors that both kids and pets (and parents) must understand about one another before a friendship is forged.

Let’s start with the pet. If the animal is a dog, then he or she should understand basic obedience; although, even the most well-behaved pooch should always be observed by parents when around young kiddos—even if the dog is predictably behaved, a kiddo might not always understand the dog’s rules. The dog should understand not to jump on people, and understand basic table manners, which can be tested when a messy toddler is at the table. If the pet isn’t a dog but instead a cat or a ferret or a etc. Then the kiddo will need to understand the pet’s behavior, need to understand that the pet is not going to do the things the kiddo wants it to do. It’s difficult-to-impossible to force a bond between certain animals and certain people, and both parents and children will need to understand the potential limitations.

When it comes to kiddos, then it’s always best to teach them the proper way to interact with their pet. A child needs to be taught to be gentle with a pet, and needs to understand that they can actually harm a pet with rough play. The child needs to understand the pet’s rules. And if the pet isn’t meant to be handled (a goldfish in a bowl on the dresser is a tempting playmate to an unobserved youngster) the kiddo needs to understand why the pet isn’t to be handled.

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