Pet Food

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Pet food, especially which type to feed your pet, is a perplexing topic. There are dog and cat foods formulated with ingredients that benefit some animals, but are a detriment to others; animals even within the same breed have different calorie and protein needs, and they all need foods that promote proper digestion. And while the sheer options for both the brand and type of pet food are endless (And if you have any questions about choosing the best food for your pet then speak with your veterinarian) the one absolute when it comes to what to feed your pet should always be that human food is likely a poor choice. There are even foods that are extremely healthy to humans, foods that folks consume daily, that are downright toxic to pets.

Chocolate is a bad choice for animals; many dogs are allergic to chocolate, and even the animals who suffer the allergy love chocolate’s smell and taste. When a pet has a sensitivity to chocolate they can experience numerous debilitating symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea, heart arrhythmia and seizure; it’s even possible for chocolate to kill the animal. And the darker the chocolate the likelier the animal will suffer symptoms: the darker chocolates have a greater concentration of the toxic ingredients.

Foods high in fat are also bad for animals, and the types of fatty foods that might be fine in moderation for the human digestive symptom are hard on an animal’s. It’s also a bad idea to give your pet any fatty trimmings from meat, because they could develop gastrointestinal problems (Serious problems that go beyond simple gas a session or two of diarrhea) and even pancreas issues.

Another often overlooked dangerous food is salt. Salt consumed in large quantities can cause an animal’s brain to swell. The swelling of the brain can lead to neurological issues, including seizures and the many complications of inflammation.

When it comes to your pet’s diet, remember to keep them healthy with a quality food suited to their needs. And for your pet’s physical care your professional groomers at Groomindale’s are ready to keep your pet clean and looking their very best.