Give Your Dog a Job

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All dogs and cats enjoy exercise. Some breeds require much more exercise than others, and to limit exercise is to increase the likelihood of behavioral problems. Consider a working breed such as a Siberian Husky; a husky kept inside without daily long walks or runs, without playtime, will likely become destructive or estranged. It’s become an unfortunate fact that many shelters are jam-packed with high-energy dogs who were surrendered by owners who struggled to meet their dog’s daily exercise requirements. In the case of the husky, it needs to walk, to roam, to smell and explore. Problem behaviors such as barking, chewing and scratching furniture, etc., are likely to develop if the dog’s basic needs aren’t met (And in the case of many working breeds and high-energy type dogs, daily exercise is as much a requirement of responsible pet ownership as anything). And there are ways to focus your dog’s attention while they exercise, to give them a job to do. Here are a few suggestions for activities you can do with your dog to keep them stimulated both mentally and physically.

When you go for a walk, try walking with a purpose. Use the first few minutes to work on obedience. Get the dog to pay attention to you. If your dog is energetic, then these few minutes will hopefully calm them; a calm dog is a dog who will want to work with you, work with purpose. The walk itself can become both exercise and something to focus the dog’s attention.

Fetch is a terrific game to play with your dog, but not all dogs will enjoy it. You can play fetch with a ball or a Frisbee or a bumper; any object will work as long as the dog isn’t at a risk to swallow it. If your dog is uncertain about fetch at first, it’s important to remain patient. Most dogs will understand and appreciate the game with enough work.

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