Methods to Crate Train a Puppy

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One of the simplest ways to potty-train a puppy is to crate train. And, in addition to potty-training, crate training extremely helpful for a number of reasons. First, the puppy cannot damage anything within the home with they are crated; second, a crate-trained puppy will likely sleep better at night once they become adjusted to the sleeping schedule and setting outside the safety of their whelping box. When it comes to potty-training, a puppy won’t likely want to go to the bathroom in the place they perceive as their space. The puppy will likely begin to whine or cry to demonstrate that they have to go to the bathroom. And the older the puppy gets the likelier they are to seek out the perfect place to do their business; the crate keeps them contained, and their owner can alert on the verbal cues that indicate the puppy is uncomfortable and needs to find relief, and the owner can quickly and easily remove the puppy from the crate and take them to a place where the puppy can do their business.

To begin crate training, everything should be treated positively. The crate should be a welcoming place for the puppy; a place of peace. Make the space within the crate comfortable, and at first it might be a terrific idea to feed the dog their food and treats while they are crated. And even though the puppy may whine or cry in the initial days of crate training, never place them in a back room somewhere where their cries are deafened; it’s better if the puppy spend time in their crate near you. When you do eventually have to leave the puppy, get them used to the idea of you coming and going; the puppy will need to begin to understand your routine and their place within that routine.

When you do begin to crate train a puppy, refrain from taking them out of the crate whenever they whine or cry. It’s important that they understand the crate as a place where they are expected to remain, especially if you have to leave to work or do an errand.

And for all the times when your pup’s crate is too small, or when you plan to be away from the puppy for most of the day and the hours confined to a crate are too many, remember you have the experienced dog professionals at Groomindale’s to help.