Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

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Our animal’s bodies take a beating over the years. They run and jump and play for years, and all of that activity wears their little bodies down. As pet’s age, it’s common for many to feel the pains associated with arthritis; it’s even possible that they feel lingering pains in their limbs, making it difficult to do even the simplest activities. And whether or not your pet develops the more severe diseases such as hip dysplasia, which is a developmental condition when the hip joint doesn’t develop correctly, will depend on factors both environmental and genetic.

There are a number of arthritis treatments for both dogs and cats, and many will succeed at providing your pet some level of comfort from pain. Your veterinarian will likely have a good idea as to the extent of activity possible for your pet, but you can assist your pet whenever possible. For instance, if he or she is allowed on furniture, you can help him or her up or provide a ramp where he or she can climb up onto or down from a favorite chair or comfy nook on the couch. It’s also a good idea to place food and water where they can easily get to it; cat’s litter boxes should be kept in a place of easy access. And depending on the severity of your animal’s pain and discomfort, you may have to routinely groom them because they may have trouble keeping themselves clean. Your groomer at Groomindale’s will also be able to accommodate your pet’s needs while they receive care.

Pet discomfort and joint pain are often a sign that your pet has lived an enjoyable or exuberant life. Enjoy your pets, and remember Groomingdale’s for all of your pet’s grooming needs.