Litter Box Training for Kittens

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Cats have a natural instinct to use sand or soil to eliminate their waste, so training a kitten to use a litter box is not difficult. Most kittens will begin to use a litter box at three or four weeks of age, which is about the time most kittens are ready to go home with a new owner.

Even though you shouldn’t have to try too hard to get a kitten to use a litter box, you still need to show your new kitten where the box is located. First of all, try to set up the litter box before you bring your new pet home, preferably in a quiet and easy-to-reach place. Once you’ve brought your kitten home, bring it to the litter box during a quiet time. Remember that your kitten is still in an unfamiliar place, so it may be scared at first. If your kitten is too scared and skittish, you might want to show it the litter box at a later time once it’s calmed down.

When you have a calm kitten near the litter box, place the kitten’s front paws in the litter. It may jump out at first, but keep at it. Try to take your kitten to the litter box during the times a cat may use it such as after meals or in the morning. Once your kitten starts to use the litter box, leave it alone. Cats and kittens prefer to use the litter box in private.

It shouldn’t take long for your kitten to adjust to its new litter box. As we said before, cats are naturally inclined to eliminate in soil, sand or litter, and they will do so from a young age. If there are any accidents, do not punish or scold your kitten; that will only make it scared and confused. Be patient, and trust that your new pet will begin to use its litter box regularly if it is given enough time.

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