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  • Classes Starting Monday, Aug 28th: *5:45PM Canine Good Citizen prep class *6:45PM Creative Movement Class 1 *7:45PM Creative Movement Class 2
  • Classes Starting Thursday, Aug 31st:*5:45PM Puppy Class (12wks-24wks old) Small Breed *6:45PM Puppy Class (12wks-24wks old) Large Breed * 7:45PM Intro to Rally
  • Classes Starting Saturday, Sept 2nd: *10:30AM Basic manners (only 5 wks; no closs Sept 16th) $119
  • Classes Starting Tuesday,  Sept 5th: *6:00PM Grooming Essentials, this is a 4-week class for $99 you also receive in-store coupons
  • Classes Starting Wednesday,  Sept 6th: *6:15PM Urban Herding *7:15PM Paw-lattes, these are 4-week classes for $99

**  Cost for all classes $129(unless it states differently) for 6 weeks, please call or stop by to sign up for classes, Online Calendar is under maintenance.


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No Dog Left Behind!Featured

No Dog Left Behind!

Separation anxiety in dogs is when a dog cannot cope with its owner leaving the house and with having to be left to his own devices.

It’s important to prevent separation anxiety from occurring in dogs as it can lead to concerning behavior in your dog. If you feel your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety or you would like to prevent your dog from suffering from it, this article will be of interest to you.

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  January 7, 2012   No comments


In most cases, a dog who is well-socialized, and understands how to behave around both people and other animals, is a happier dog, and a dog who is much easier to spend time around. And socialization occurs very early in a dog’s life. When the dog is a puppy, he or she is learning how […]

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  November 13, 2019   No comments
Keep your Cat’s Coat Looking Vibrant

Keep your Cat’s Coat Looking Vibrant

Anyone who owns a cat knows that cats spend considerable time every day to grooming habits. And you would think that all those hours a cat spends grooming would amount to a clean and healthy coat, right? Not really. And the difficulty in grooming a cat comes not in the task itself—brushing, nail trimming, etc.—but […]

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  October 17, 2019   No comments
Teach Your Dog to Play Fetch

Teach Your Dog to Play Fetch

Fetch is a terrific game for most any dog to learn—some breeds, however, tend not to enjoy the game, although interest is different with each dog. Fetch is a game that can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It is also a terrific way for your dog to get some play/exercise time. And […]

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  September 17, 2019   No comments