Dog Hair

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There are five different types of dog coats: smooth coat, double coat, wire coat, long coat, and curly coat. Each coat type will have its own grooming needs. And here’s a few grooming tips for each type.

Smooth Coat Breeds

This type of coat does not need daily grooming. But when you do groom the coat a simple brushing is all that’s needed. You will want to choose a brush that’s not overly harsh; it’s not necessary to take a fur rake to a Dachshund’s coat.

Double Coat Breeds

These types of dogs require a good deal of vigorous brushing. If you don’t like shedding, then these types of dog breeds are not for you. The coat of an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky, for instance, fall under this category. These types of dogs require regular grooming. Grooming can and should be done with a stiff wire brush, something that can both untangle and straighten the hair, but also can clean out debris. A type of fur rake may be necessary for seasonal heavy shedding.

Wire Coated Breeds

The breeds with a wire coat require regular grooming. At first glance, it may not appear entirely necessary to regularly groom these breeds with wire coats; a German Shorthair, for instance, may appear slick, smooth, and clean, but debris and matting can happen just beneath the surface. Regular brushing should keep wire coated breeds clean and happy, and they do not require the use of heavy-duty brushes. A simple brush with close-packed wire or other type of stiff bristle will be all that’s necessary.

Long Coated Dog Breeds

These are the English Setters, some members from the Terrier family, etc. These dogs have beautiful coats which require regular maintenance. Long coats are more difficult to get clean, and require an almost daily brushing routine to prevent matting and tangling.

Curly Coat Dog Breeds

Many curly coated dog breeds could also fall into the long-coated dog breeds, however some curly coats, such as you would find on an English Spring Spaniel or a Poodle, are difficult to keep clean. These types of coats—as well as long coats—are magnets for grass and debris; burrs and other bristly weeds stick and bury in the coat and are difficult to pluck-free.

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