Spring Cleaning A Dog’s Coat

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It’s spring cleaning season! And, while you’re cleaning out the areas of your home that have been neglected these last few months, remember that for any of you with dogs, he or she may be preparing to lose their winter coat, and they need your help!

Dogs are naturally clean animals, and shedding is a natural function that does help to keep a dog’s coat clean, but twice every year your dog will likely shed it excessively, leaving behind bits of hair on everything in the house. Your dog is going to need you to brush them every day or every other day to coax those stubborn hairs loose. Brushing a dog’s coat also helps the dog regulate his or her body temperature.

Spring cleaning a dog’s coat

Start by brushing your dog’s coat thoroughly. You won’t remove all the troublesome underfur, but you will hopefully work a good part of it loose. When the dog is brushed, take him or her to the bathtub, the hose in the back yard, the doggy wash, or Groomingdale’s, to have a good bath. Soap up the dog’s fur vigorously, imagine working free the kinks of fur with your hands. The soap and water wont remove much of the excess dog fur, but it will remove any dirt and dry skin. With the dog washed, dry him or her off with either a towel, or a hairdryer, something with forced air. Don’t let the dog air dry, as you’ll be missing an opportunity to get the undercoat loose. A towel worked into the fur in the same manner as a brush is effective, however a hair dryer, or the professional forced air at Groomingdale’s, will be more effective at freeing the undercoat. When the dog’s dry, simply repeat the brushing. Using a brush that works more like a fur rake will be more effective at removing a dog’s undercoat.

Things to consider

If your dog is young or has never had a proper introduction to a cleaning, which involves some obedience and calmness on the dog’s part, consider reinforcing sit commands a few days before you start (assuming you have taught the dog to sit well). Also, make sure you keep the cleaning process peaceful; an agitated dog will be less likely to listen appropriately the next time you do your cleaning.