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We’ve all heard the adage that a dog is humankind’s best friend. And it’s an adage for good reason—that doesn’t mean, however, that a cat, bird, ferret, etc., isn’t. Recently, scientists studied how a dog can boost his or her human’s emotional well-being. Here’s a few of the reasons why. 

The total number of owned dogs in the United States is somewhere near 78 million. That’s a dog for every four-to-five people. That’s a lot of dogs. It’s thought that dogs were first tamed from wild animals around 20 to 40 thousand years ago.

And it’s likely that these early bonds were developed for the need of humankind’s survival. This mutual relationship is still present in many breeds today, and many breeds are still used for specific purposes such as guarding homes and livestock, and even assisting humans who are physically disabled.

And then there are the countless numbers who live for time at the feet of their human, or the lucky few snugged up beneath a blanket on the couch.

There are studies that show that dogs increase the life expectancy of their owners, and while these studies are likely accurate for the group of folks in the study, whether or not it’s absolutely true for all humankind still remains to be seen. But it is a fact that dogs make people feel good.

Without being asked, dogs are usually willing to cheer you up after a long day, greeting you at the door with a wagging tail. Most are ready to spend time with you at any time of day, and most will both let you snuggle them and then snuggle you back.

And it’s the oxytocin hormone that gets released when we socialize with dogs; oxytocin is oftentimes considered the love hormone. It provides an instant boost to our psychological well-being.

Hopefully if you are a dog owner than you already know the many benefits that a dog companion brings to your life. Remember to take care of your dog like he or she likely takes care of you. Brush them and keep them clean, and for all their grooming needs bring them to Groomingdale’s.