Brush Your Dog!

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Your dog’s coat, regardless of its breed, will need some maintenance with a brush. Even designer breeds, those breeds which have a very low incidence of shedding, still need maintenance. Regardless of shedding, a dog can still get tangles in its coat, dirt and grass can accumulate, etc. A brush will both clean the dog’s coat and keep it manageable. But, which dog brush will work best for your dog’s fur? Here’s a short overview of four different types (of which there are many, many variations).

Slick or Slicker Brushes

These types of brushes have short wires that have been packed onto the brushes head with very little gap between the wires. These types of brushes are used on breeds with coats that mat easily. Think Golden Retrievers and English Setters.

Rake Brushes

These are the burliest dog brushes you’ll find. The Furminator has become and immensely popularity rake both because it’s an effective and easy-to-use coat rake, but also because of an intense marketing campaign. Rakes work best on the thicker-haired breeds such as Labrador retrievers, Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, and German Shepherds (many, many breeds will fall into this category).

Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes are best for dogs with short, fine coats. Think German Shorthairs and Pugs. These are breeds that frequently shed, and the tightly packed bristles will help to both clean the coat and skin beneath, but it will also work loose any of the loose, fine hairs.

Pin Brushes

These are low-impact brushes that somewhat resemble the brushes that people use every day. The wires on the brush will be flexible, and will, usually, have rounded, smoothed pins on the tops. These are best for easy-going coat management. These are the brushes to use when your dog is clean, or after a dog’s coat is cleaned by another brush. It’s the finishing stroke that gives a pretty appearance to a dog’s coat.

Groomingdale’s is an expert on dog grooming, and if you have any questions about which brushes will work the most efficient on in your dog’s coat, then call today.