Canine Grooming Tips

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Dogs are naturally clean animals. You might not believe that after walking one just after a rain, and they come home looking just like the mud puddles you so spent so much time and diligence trying to keep them from jumping in. But dogs are clean, they keep their coats clean, and their ability to naturally shed their old hairs for new ones is like a continual change of clothes. The problem with them shedding is the continual supply of loose hair which dirties up your home, the back of your car, your pant legs, etc. Brushing a dog regularly is important to both your dog’s health as well as your sanity. Brushing a dog regularly is also a way for you to check for ticks or fleas hiding beneath your dog’s coat.

Thick coated dogs, i.e. the English setter or the springer spaniel, should have their coats brushed regularly to prevent matting. Short-coated dogs such as Labradors and huskies are less of a requirement in reference to matting. When you brush your dog, brush him or her in the same way as you might brush your own hair, by stroking the dog’s hair with the brush in the same direction as the hair grows. Brushing the fur opposite could tangle the brush into the dog’s fur, and could also cause some discomfort for the dog.

There are many different kinds of brushes out there today, and there’s a lot of different variations in the styles of brushes, but it’s important to use a brush that works the best for your dog. For instance, a short, thin coated dog might not appreciate an aggressive fur rake being pulled through its coat. Dog brushes that can gather the dog’s hairs in its undercoat, and then easily shed those hairs, is the easiest type of dog brush to use.

At first a dog may not enjoy having his or her coat brushed. One way to get them comfortable with the regular brushings is to allow them treats for sitting calmly (it’s easiest if your dog understands basic obedience to sit calmly enough and reliably enough to be brushed). However you decide to teach your dog to be brushed, just remember that this is an activity that will carry through your dog’s entire life, and to make him or her like the process as much as possible, which, in turn, makes it easier and more enjoyable for you.
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