Daycare Benefits

flowersThe Benefits are Endless!

Having friends is important to everyone. We can provide a safe and interactive place to play! Come experience exceptional pet care.

Dogs Have So Much Fun at Daycare! Here are Some of the Benefits!

  • Dogs are able to socialize with other dogs in a pack setting.
  • Dogs are given multiple outside potty breaks daily helping to house train a young dog.
  • Issues deriving from boredom and loneliness are eliminated.
  • Dogs are mentally and physically stimulated, keeping them happy and balanced.
  • We help shy and fearful dogs become more confident.
  • Puppies learn essential skills needed for socializing safely with dogs outside of the home.

Our Daycare Provides Structured Play and Learning Opportunities!

  • Dogs have access to indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Our indoor “all day play” area features recycled rubber flooring for traction and fewer injuries.
  • Our play groups are supervised by a trained staff member at all times!
  • We never use any form of physical punishment to correct unwanted behavior.
  • Dogs are divided into play groups by size and temperament creating a safe environment.
  • We provide kiddie pools in the summer to keep pets cool while they are having fun!

To Make it Even Easier – Take the First Step Now!

We have a two step process at Groomingdales for our new daycare guests.

1 As our way of starting the relationship off right, we’d like to give you a free gift: Download our great article Bad Dog or Bored Dog” to keep your dog safe and healthy – right now, for FREE!

2 All daycare guests start off with an evaluation, called our “Meet & Greet.” We want to make sure that your furbaby has the best experience by keeping their first visit short, 30-40 minutes. Most dogs will be begging for more. Our evaluations are FREE. So let’s get you started– just click the button below! That’s it!

ORTake a minute and consider the amazing relationship you have with you’re dog…getting even BETTER. Check out what happened with Janice and her dog Buster…

At Groomingdale’s Salon & Pawtique we offer the best quality service in an enjoyable, relaxed, safe, clean and spa like atmosphere.

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