Keep Dogs and Cats Cool

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Dogs and cats are affected by the summer heat just as much as we are. As much as we’d like to keep cool, we owe it to our pets to help them stay cool as well. Here are just a few tips that will help your dog or your cat stay cool when the temperature rises.

Keep Your Home Cool

This may sound obvious, but keeping your home cool will also help your pets stay comfortable. Aside from keeping your air conditioning turned up to a comfortable level, you can install sun-blocking windows for particularly hot days and open your windows to create a cross-breeze on cooler evenings. Put away your rugs during the summer to cut down on unnecessary insulation, and turn on a few fans to help circulate air throughout your home.

Spend Time Outside

A poorly-ventilated home will almost always feel warmer than it is outside, so let your pet outside to sit in the shade on more moderate days. Not only will it help your pets stay cool, but it will let them get some much-needed fresh air.

Take Your Dog for Walks Earlier in the Morning

Temperatures are usually cooler in the morning during the summer and fall, so use that time to take your pets outside for walks. You can also take them out in the evening or late at night, but the morning tends to be easier for most people.

If It’s Too Hot for You, It’s Too Hot for Them

Extreme temperatures are just as dangerous for animals as they are for humans. If you feel like it’s too hot either indoors our outside, it’s almost certainly too hot for your pets. Watch for signs such as heavy breathing, a rapid heartbeat and a tongue that changes from dark red to purple. These are signs of heat stroke, which can be very dangerous for animals. Keep an eye on your pets, and get ready to get them someplace cool when it looks like they’re starting to overheat.

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