Spring Tick Season is Right Around the Corner

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Ticks are an unfortunate consequence of the warm spring weather. Those creepy little bugs will get active soon, and unfortunately your pet is a choice target. Ticks have barbed legs that grasp clothing and pet fur easily; they hang out in shrubs and trees, tall grass, and wait with open arms for something to pass by.

For humans, it’s a relatively simple to limit the chances of picking up a tick: avoid wading through tall grass or through shrubbery. But our pets don’t understand the potential creepiness lurking in the brush. Ticks can carry disease, such as Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever, and although the rates of transmission of tick-related disease are relatively low in comparison to Midwestern and Eastern locations, it’s still possible.

Grooming is important in tick season; every time your pet goes to a place where the chance of a tick encounter is possible, you should check them. Check beneath their fur, in their ears, and between their toes. Ticks like to hide in difficult to reach locations that include the groin and the armpit area. You can check their fur with your hand, but it’s also a good idea to run a brush through their fur; many times, a tick not attached will be pulled out with the loose underfur.

There are also flea and tick deterrents, and many work. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend the type best-suited to your lifestyle and to your dog’s health. There are topical medications and pills, and both have potential side-effects and inconveniences.

Hopefully you and your pet will remain tick-free this spring and summer. And remember that a little bit of grooming will likely prevent your pet from bringing insects into the house. If your pet is ready for a professional grooming session, or any of the other services offered by your pet’s grooming professional at Groomingdale’s, then call today.