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Dog Diet: When to Feed, What Not to Feed, and How Often.

Your dog’s digestive system and caloric needs are different from yours. Dogs, for instance, cannot process certain foods such as grapes (Could cause renal failure), chocolate (Allergy symptoms and possible increase in heart rate, restlessness, and vomiting—death in large doses), onions (Anemia), fruit (Often too acidic for a dog’s digestive system and high in sugar).…

Dog Illnesses

This summer parts of Montana had an explosion of doggy illness, or more specifically, what vets around Montana believe to be a form of canine influenza. Gallatin county, especially, had dogs getting sick with symptoms that vets at first called a form of kennel cough, symptoms that progressed to the more severe condition of pneumonia,…

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Congested Doggie

Dogs can develop coughs for many different reasons and there are many types of coughs. It is the type of cough and any other present symptoms that help us to make a judgement of what exactly may be causing the cough in our dog. Some causes are relatively easy to treat, whereas other causes are more serious and will require prompt treatment or medication to solve the problem.

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No Dog Left Behind!

Separation anxiety in dogs is when a dog cannot cope with its owner leaving the house and with having to be left to his own devices.

It’s important to prevent separation anxiety from occurring in dogs as it can lead to concerning behavior in your dog. If you feel your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety or you would like to prevent your dog from suffering from it, this article will be of interest to you.