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Did you know that your dog needs a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise each and every day? It’s true. And it’s especially true of energetic dogs and breeds with higher-than-average levels of energy—labs, shorthairs, collies, etc. And there are obvious signs when your dog doesn’t get the activity he or she needs. First, he or she may exhibit certain symptoms such as chewing, barking, or whining. And in most cases these types of behaviors are the cause of boredom and restlessness. Basically, they are participating in their own types of exercise without the help of their owner, and, unfortunately, they will typically choose activities that are undesirable

Walking and Running

Your dog enjoys going on walks. It’s the simplest human-canine activity. A walk for thirty minutes each and every day is more than enough for most dogs to get out a little energy so that they may be better companions around the house. And walking is a terrific bonding exercise between you and your dog. Even on leash a dog is able to stretch his or her legs, and explore the sights and smells of the world. If you are capable and if you enjoy running, a dog is a terrific running partner. Even smaller dogs can participate in daily runs, although like their human companions the dog will require a buildup of mileage and speed before he or she is ready and capable to run long distances. Humans need weeks and months before they are physically capable to run for long distances; a dog is able to run long distances, and it’s likely that he or she will continue to run beyond their comfort limits, but they will be more susceptible to injury.

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