Cats and Hydration

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Yes, we all know the old adage that cats like to drink milk. But did you know that cats need water to survive as much as their humans? It’s true, and most cats, for one reason or another, don’t drink nearly as much water as they should. In general, cats do not like drinking water, especially water that’s still or standing. It’s a problem because a cat requires water to digest the sugars in food, maintain electrolytes, and water can even maintain a cat’s circulation. If your cat dislikes water, then for his or her own sake it’s time to determine the cause of their discontent and promote quality hydration. If you cat is experiencing dehydration he or she may exhibit a number of symptoms. He or she may be lethargic, seemingly depressed, have dry mouth, panting, and skin dryness/tightness. Here’s a few tips to keep your cat hydrated and healthy… 

If you’re feeling perplexed by your cat’s lack of enthusiasm toward water, remember that a cat’s personality can be somewhat eccentric or, to put it more politely, choosy, so the problem could come down to their preference in water dishes. He or she may not like the look of the bowl, or he or she might not appreciate the experience of drinking from it: if the cat’s water bowl is narrow, then he or she may feel discomfort because the bowl touches his or her whiskers. Try a wider, shallower bowl and see if the depth change will make a difference in his or her enthusiasm to use it. And keep the water fresh. A pet’s water should be changed one to two times daily, every day. And if your cat still doesn’t like to drink water, or exhibits some behavioral issues with his or her water dish, then try a cat water fountain. If you didn’t already know, cats love running water, and the experience may provoke enough excitement to get him or her to both spend time around and also to use the fountain. 

Remember that your pet’s needs are important and should never be ignored. And remember also Groomingdales for your pet’s grooming needs.