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Our staff are highly trained professionals who've passed certifications & achieved the highest standards for best practices for Animal Care, Customer Service, and Facility Management. Click the icon to see our real time Certification Status.


On average we like to have the dogs around four hours. This allows drop off before work and pick up at lunch time or 8-12, 1-5. This ensures that your pet does not have to stand the entire time, great for seniors and puppies. For thick double coated breeds they don't have to stand for hours of drying; especially nice for dogs that are afraid of dryers. For curly coats that need to strait and fluffy to ensure an even hair cut, can rest before finish grooming.

We also strongly suggest that the owner does not stay with the their pet. We need to have the dog trust us and if they become afraid they will want mom/ dad/owner save them. We also need them to pay attention to the groomer at times to scissor the head it makes it difficult if they try to look at owner. If you want to watch us groom someone's pet you are more than welcome to hang out for awhile at the shop.

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If your looking for great Billings dog daycare check out our facility! At Groomingdale’s Salon & Pawtique we offer the best quality service in an enjoyable, relaxed, safe, clean and spa like atmosphere.

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No Dog Left Behind!Featured

No Dog Left Behind!

Separation anxiety in dogs is when a dog cannot cope with its owner leaving the house and with having to be left to his own devices.

It’s important to prevent separation anxiety from occurring in dogs as it can lead to concerning behavior in your dog. If you feel your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety or you would like to prevent your dog from suffering from it, this article will be of interest to you.

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Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Puppies are cute, wonderful, lovely little creatures that both enrich our lives, and, simultaneously, can be responsible for some of the most frustrating moments in pet ownership. Although, I suppose, I’ve also just described pet ownership in general. But, let’s talk about puppies, and the best ways to keep puppies from destroying our home by […]

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A Tired Dog is A Happy Dog

A Tired Dog is A Happy Dog

There’s an adage that says that a tired dog is a happy dog. It’s an adage because it’s true. Dogs need to be stimulated, both mentally and physically. Dogs that are left to their own devices within a kennel or within the home may overtime develop destructive behaviors—but even if they don’t, we want our […]

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Dog Grooming Billings MT

Dog Grooming Billings MT

Dog grooming isn’t a canine luxury (although it might feel like it to the dog!) but very much a necessity. It’s a necessity not only to keep your dog beautiful, with his or her coat shining and lustrous, but also to keep him or her healthy. Your dog isn’t going to tell you when it’s […]

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